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We develop your company's online store with the highest standards and state-of-the-art tools in the market.

Embark on 24/7 sales by entrusting us with the construction of your e-shop, where functionality, modern design, and an exceptional customer experience take center stage.

We meticulously design and develop your business's e-shop, aiming not just to attract more visitors but to drive increased sales. It's the meticulous attention to functionality and foundational design details that sets you apart and positions you ahead of the competition.


  • Easy & Fast Checkout
  • Popular payment methods & bank connection
  • Interface with ERP
  • Interface with Courier
  • Interface with email marketing platforms
  • Google Analytics connection
  • Multilingual support
  • Εμπειρία και διεπαφή χρηστών
  • 360⁰ Content Management System
  • Speed optimization
  • Secure Transactions
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Link with marketplaces
  • Offers, discounts & coupons
  • Product filtering
  • Smart shopping cart
Custom B2B & B2C e-shop solutions

Create a distinctive retail or wholesale online store that sets you apart from the competition.

We specialize in constructing bespoke B2B or B2C e-shops, ensuring a unique product/service presentation that captivates your visitors, with the ultimate goal of converting each visitor into a customer.

Experience a user-friendly online store management environment, providing you with easy and personalized control over categories, products, discounts, orders, and payments. We empower you with the tools to ignite your store!

What makes a custom design truly exceptional is its infinite functions and possibilities – the sky's the limit! You can integrate any feature that you believe will propel your business beyond the competition.

Responsive Design

A Necessity for Your E-Shop! Ensuring your e-shop is fully responsive is a non-negotiable.

Responsive design is a configuration that seamlessly adapts your website to all screen sizes. Whether accessed from a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or TV, your e-shop's content will be fully visible and visually appealing.

This commitment to responsiveness guarantees an excellent experience for your visitors, ultimately contributing to increased sales. A non-responsive website can fatigue visitors and leave them dissatisfied, emphasizing the critical role responsive design plays in enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Speed, reliability & security

With fast loading speed and a one-page checkout, customers can complete their purchases quickly and easily

In every e-shop design we undertake, we place special emphasis on page loading speed and the overall navigation experience for users in each section of your online store. By applying the best practical methods, we ensure the highest speeds, even if your e-shop includes thousands of products. These changes mainly involve adjusting the placement of "fast loading speed" and "one-page checkout" for smoother flow and refining the wording for improved clarity.

A one-page checkout is a feature in your online store that enables customers to complete their purchases without the need to fill out forms in multiple steps. The primary advantage of this feature is that visitors don't have to navigate through an extensive process to buy the products they want.

Additionally, for every e-shop we undertake, we implement an SSL certificate. This ensures the maximum protection of your online store, while simultaneously providing your customers with a sense of security in their transactions.

Sell your products worldwide with ease!

Consumers shop online at any time of the day, wherever and whenever they are. They search for products across various websites, comparing options to make the best choice for them.

Your e-shop will convince them that you are the ideal choice by conveying credibility. The details in its appearance and functionality will make it easy to use, achieving its ultimate goal: to sell your products!